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Tech Tip

Increasing your gas mileage (and summer driving and safety tips, too)

You may not be able to make your engine more fuel-efficient, but good driving habits and overall vehicle maintenance can increase your gas mileage. Here's how:

  1. Keep tires inflated to proper level at all times.
  2. Fill your gas tank at the coolest part of the day to reduce expansion of the tank and get a true fill-up.
  3. Keep your oil changed on time. Clean oil is related to emissions—dirty oil can cause a failure at the emissions station. Poor emissions and poor air-fuel mixture result in reduced gas mileage and increased pollution.
  4. Make sure your engine air filter is clean and replace when needed.
  5. Vehicle interior cabin air filters are for your personal environment. We are surprised at how soon these filters become restricted. The restriction of these filters can contribute to the reduced flow of cool air, making your condenser work harder, and using more gas. Change these filters for the air that you breathe. Please note not all vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters.

And don't forget these summer driving and safety tips:

  1. Remember to keep your AC on fresh mode most of the time to keep your air conditioning condenser fresh and, generally, free of mildew smell.
  2. Most of us notice a mileage drop when the summer heat turns up. We have a tendency to forget that we are working our engine much harder and using that AC every time we enter our cars. Our gas mileage does drop in the summer and it seems that we are still using winter oxygenated fuel. Some pinging under even a light load may be heard.
  3. You don't want to get stalled in this heat if you can help it. It is miserable to be caught by a dead battery. Have that battery checked, ensure the battery has a full charge, and make sure your terminal connections are clean/without corrosion and making good connections. Batteries have a real tough time in the heat, dying like light bulbs.
  4. Be sure to ground yourself to the body of the car by putting your hand on the body of vehicle, prior to pumping of fuel. This helps avoid static electricity, which can spark and ignite fuel fires. Similarly, don't get in the car and then get back out while fueling—that is another source of static electricity.

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