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Tech Tip

The importance of fresh antifreeze and a working thermostat

Our car's engine cooling system is not usually something we think about until overheating in the middle of one of our impressive Southern Arizona summers.

Antifreeze keeps our engines from overheating in the summer and freezing up in the winter. Incorrect mixture does not allow for maximum performance, and can cause problems.

This maintenance should be performed every 30,000 miles or two years. When this service is performed at Nippon, we drain the entire engine block and radiator. It is important to replace as much clean antifreeze in a vehicle's system as possible, since this is the fluid that is circulating throughout the entire engine, including all water jackets, hoses, and the water pump. And at Nippon, we do not use recycled antifreeze.

Replacing a thermostat periodically is also good preventative maintenance. The function of a thermostat is to regulate correct operating temperature for your vehicle. If you have not changed yours in a long time, you may wish to consider a new one.

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