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Tech Tip

The battery must be good because the lights come on!

This is a common misconception. The truth is: Sometimes the battery is good.

Most the the time, however, if you hear a clicking sound when you turn your ignition key, the battery is failing or has failed, even though the lights continue to turn on.

Today's batteries are like light bulbs—gone quickly. Additionally, our summer heat is very hard on batteries.

If you experience this condition, your vehicle will need to have a complete charging system inspection to be certain of what has failed. Nippon does not diagnose repairs needed on vehicles without a full onsite inspection—your vehicle is too important. Whether an estimate from a tow truck driver or the occasional hungry pack rat eating wires, it is critical to discover all the facts using proven inspection technologies and techniques.

To ensure the longest battery and alternator life, follow this routine before turning off your vehicle:

  1. Turn off all air conditioner/fan controls.
  2. Turn off the stereo and related components.
  3. Turn off the headlights.

Additionally, take a look under your hood once in a while and make sure that you do not have corrosion growing over your battery terminals. If there is corrosion, it needs to be removed. Even a small amount of battery terminal corrosion can keep you vehicle from starting.

Following these simple steps will give the charging components in your vehicle a longer life—they won't have to work as hard to start the vehicle.

Nippon is pleased to sell and install AC DELCO batteries. With a nationwide warranty, these batteries are reasonably priced, long lasting, sealed, and don't corrode. This is extremely important in all modern vehicles. The damage that a leaking, dripping battery can cause is considerable, and often very costly.

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