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Recent News
Primavera Foundation Toy Drive and Community Food Bank Drive Great Successes!
Thanks to our customers our toy drive for Primavera Foundation was a great success. A vehicle  was filled to the roof with toys, including the front seat!
Tub barely had enough room to squeeze in to drive. Peggy Hutchison, Primavera's executive director, was very pleased. She  told us there were many children in Primavera shelters that have now had a brighter Christmas. It is very rewarding knowing you made a difference no matter the size of your donation.
Nippon customers also donated a large amount of food. We made quite a few trips to the Community Food Bank this past holiday season.
We at Nippon Motor Service send our thanks!
Previous News

The Tucson Community Food Bank is in severe need of donations, and Nippon urges you to help out. There are a great deal of people out of work, and the need for the important services of the Community Food Bank increases daily while donations decrease.

Nippon has set up a food drop-off box for canned food. If you prefer to write a check or make a cash donation, we will receive your donations and ensure that your donation arrives at this very important charity.

Nippon is a regular monthly donor to the Community Food Bank, as well as the Primavera Foundation and others. Please give some thought to helping out. The amount does not matter—it all adds up to help feed our neighbors.

Nippon Motor Service is pleased to welcome new technician Donald F. Donald came to Nippon from a local Toyota dealership last fall. He find the honest family atmosphere at Nippon preferable to the vastness of a dealership. Donald is a great guy, good to work with, and always has a smile on his face. He is the father of two adorable little boys. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for that smile! It is wonderful to work with someone like Donald who is happy, agreeable, and cooperative. Of course, Donald is a great technician, too! He is Toyota certified, including hybrids.

In May we welcomed Toyota Master Tech Joseph F. to our Nippon Team. Joseph worked for many years at a local Toyota dealership, but is also experienced in all of the other Japanese lines that we service. He is a Toyota master, including a master tech on Toyota hybrids.

And a reminder to our customers that we are online with Toyota's Service Division. Toyota service information is available to us daily. The ability to be online is valuable to all of us, helping to ensure that our customer's vehicles are diagnosed and repaired correctly the first time.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Rick L., Master Nissan Tech, to the Nippon Motor Service team. Rick is an outstanding mechanic on Nissan and the other Japanese brands we service. Additionally, we now have the latest comprehensive Nissan dealer repair and service software.
Nippon Motor Service once again named Best Auto Repair in Tucson (Best of Tucson) by Tucson Weekly
Nippon Motor Service has been added to Angie's List, "a word-of-mouth network connecting homeowners with quality service companies." Angie's List was recently featured on U.S. News and World Report's "50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2007."
Pricing and service update: Get the latest Nippon price reduction and vehicle maintenance/warranty news here.
Nippon Motor Service adds service for Nissan vehicles.
Nippon Motor Service adds service for Honda vehicles.

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