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image, ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program

What does this mean to you?

The ASE Blue seal of excellence program is an Elite Status of ASE certification.

It is attained by relentless commitment to excellence, by having 75 percent of an establishment’s personnel ASE-certified and one person certified in each area of service offered.

This is a recognition program for establishments striving to be the best and willing to prove their commitment through annual renewal.

image, Nippon staff are members of the Service Technicians SocietyOther Certifications

Several technicians have been in the automotive service industry for 20-30 years, and nearly all have undergone training at automobile manufacturer service schools, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Scion, and Subaru. Additionally, Nippon's technicians have completed an array of supplementary emissions, air conditioning, drivability, electrical diagnostics, and other training.

Nippon Motor Service is also a paid subscriber to the online Toyota and Honda service systems, for real-time service information, including technical bulletins and recall notices, about all Toyota and Honda automobiles.

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